One Access allows you to book meeting rooms and spaces and check in visitors easily.

Room Bookings

Space Booking Using Floor Map

Utilize our interactive room mapping tool to view availabilities easily. See spaces within your facility with active floor plans, office layouts or campus maps. View when spaces are free or already reserved and for how long on specific days, weeks or months at a glance. Room bookings can be automatically approved or sent to a designated reviewer for approval.

Room Booking Map

Check In | Check Out

Visitor Registration Upon Entry

One Access allows your staff, visitors, residents, and contractors to register upon entry and exit. Pre schedule, Pre Check-In and allow for Touchless entry utilizing QR Codes or use the Kiosk App on an iPad. It is flexible and simple, allowing you to rest assured that everyone entering your building is registered and that guests don't overstay their welcome.

Check In Software

Calendar Appointments

Integrated Meeting Invitation Scheduling

Choose to manage meetings within our built-in Calendar feature. Integrate invitations with Outlook or GMail and allow guests to confirm their arrival once they enter the building. Space Booking easily accommodates facilities of any size and can scale from a suite to a campus. Plus, you can integrate One Access with your Maintenance Care membership.

Meeting Scheduling



There are many ways to utilize the Check-In/Out process, including Self Check-In, Kiosk Entry, Receptionist Mode or By Appointment.


Fill your appointment calendar and include a One Access invitation so that your guest will be prompted with whatever entry protocols you wish to establish.


You can have your guests be prompted to pre check-in which can include a prompt for completing a custom questionnaire prior to their arrival.


Once on site, your guest can use their dedicated QR Code saved on their phone to scan their way in and even allow for auto printing of a badge instantly.


Utilize QR Code technology or an Apple Wallet Pass to provide touchless Check In and Check Out capabilities to your visitors.

Pre-Check In

Get Personal QR Code

Add it to Apple Wallet

Save in your Calendar

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Take a look at some of our most popular features.

Touchless Entry

Allow for your guests to pre check-in and utilize their phones as a way to gain access to your facility.

Custom Questionnaires

Create questionnaires that forces your guest to complete prior or upon arrival into your facility.

Fast Daily Staff Entry

Create a quick way for your employees to also check in/out on a daily basis without complication.

Alert Rules

Set up notifications for arrivals or questionnaires with wrong answers, the sky is the limit.

Historical Reporting

Benefit from full contact tracing and visitor log including dates, frequency, times and who they visited.

Room Map Booking

Users can view Room availability using our interactive floor map management interface.

Badge Printing

Auto-print a visitor badge upon check-in and include a scannable QR code to help prevent un-welcomed visitors

Apple Wallet Passbook

Provide visitors or employees with their own Apple Wallet QR Code for quick access, also compatible with Android.

Scheduled Meetings

Add OneAccess to your meeting invites so all your guests are automatically enrolled in your entry protocols.


No matter what your preferred method for allowing visitors to come into your facility, we've got you covered!

Self Check-In

Fully Automated Workflow

Self Check In Software

Kiosk Entry

Self Serve at the Door

Check In on iPad

Receptionist Mode

Stay in Command

Receptionist Check In Software


Here’s an example of a workflow you can set up for allowing your visitors to pre check-in, arrive onsite and then even self check-out at the end.

Book Meeting Space

Send Invitation

Send email meeting invitation to each attendee

Pre Check

Visitor can pre-check in from their mobile device

QR Code

Vistor receives one-time QR Code for entry


Visitor scans QR Code at iPad kiosk


Scannable visitor badge is printed on demand

Check Out

Visitor gets auto-reminder at end of visit to check-out


Here is an easy-to-watch preview of One Access and all its features.
Everything you need to know if this software is right for you!

One Access Software Demo


You can choose between monthly or yearly payment, but either way, you get unlimited spaces and users and it includes all of our features.

Pay Monthly


per month

  • Get All The Features
  • Unlimited Spaces
  • Unlimited Users
  • Customer Support Included
  • Cancel Anytime

Best Value

Pay Yearly


per month

  • Get All The Features
  • Unlimited Spaces
  • Unlimited Users
  • Customer Support Included
  • Cancel Anytime
Multi Facilities


for quote

  • Special Discount Pricing
  • Top Down View
  • Scalable to Any Size
  • Set Up Corporate Rules
  • Report Across All Locations


If you aren't convinced yet as to how great it would be to utilize One Access in your facility for your visitors, check out these benefits.

Improved Workflow

  • Speed up entry process
  • Reduce workload on front desk
  • Modernize your facility
  • Digitize everything

Better Visitor Experience

  • Efficient communication
  • Germ-free access
  • Clear meeting details
  • Quick entry

Enhanced Security

  • Health checks upon entry
  • Track overdue guests
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Pre-screen upcoming visitors

Contact Tracing

  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Trends analysis
  • Historical visit records
  • Host tracking


Read through our frequently asked questions or give us a call at the number listed below if you need more help. You can also email us by completed the online form.

Do you charge per user?

No, One Access membership includes unlimited users, visitors, check-ins/outs and invitations. We don't want to limit who uses the software and how much it is used, so we make our plan unlimited. The price is per facility, so you don't have to worry about limits or surprise additional expenses.

Is it compatible with Windows or Apple?

The desktop version is accessed via any internet browser including Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari, so that means it doesn't matter what type of device you are using, as long as you can run one of those browsers. All communication with guests, visitors or employees is done via email or text messaging, so there is no mobile app needed to download. There is an iPad app available for running in kiosk mode.

What is a QR Code and Apple Wallet?

All scheduled visitors can receive a dedicated QR Code that will allow them to scan themselves into your building. The QR Code expires based on your settings, but for employees, for example, they can save their dedicated QR Code access into their Apple Wallet which is an app native to iOS located on your phone.

Can I cancel anytime?

We would be sorry to see you go, but of course, you can cancel anytime by clicking on the Cancel my Account link in your profile. You must be a systems administrator to request the cancellation, but once requested, no further charges will be made or expected.


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